Everything you do, begins with a thought


If when you have a new goal, you use the same old thought pattern you used in the past, your changes for success are diminished. Continued success requires that you take a fresh approach to new opportunities. This wandering creates a lack of focus if left uncontrolled. Your sense of wellbeing and your ability to think clearly are reduced whenever thoughts or feelings are scattered. 

Some potential blocks to your success: 

  • Unable or unwilling to commit to their personal plan.
  • A fear of some concept or thing, such as being judged by others, or anticipating failure.
  • Continously striving for the elusive and unattainable perfection.
  • Casting blame on other people or events for a lack of success.
  • Regularly having too many things to do and think about.
  • Choosing anger or other destructive emotion as their primary methods of behavior.
  • Denial. Failure to recognize or admit to a personal problem.
  • They key to the success of the Silva Method is that it helps you to develop a vibrant, powerful way of thinking, which helps you overcome and adjust limiting beliefs that may have impaired their full potential.

Who needs to learn mediation?

Enjoy Superior Health

  • Recognize and control stress
  • relax and re-energize
  • develop a healthy, trip body
  • relieve nervousness and tension headaches
  • control and releive pain
  • elinate negative, life-sapping habits
  • learn toechniques to help you avoid psychosomatic illnesses

Continue to Learn and Grow


  • Strengthen memory and concentration
  • learn how to study, memorize and remember things the easy way
  • start using the methods and techniques that geniuses use
  • achieve higher grades in school
  • awaken the genius within

Master Inner Resources

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Develop and maintain a positive mental attitude
  • Build self-esteem and a strong positive self image
  • Understand yourself and others better
  • Free yourself from fear, guilt and doubt
  • Remember your dreams and use them for problem-solving

Increase Earning Power

  • Attain and exceed your goals
  • Earn more income
  • Increase the value of the services you provide
  • Manage time and resources better to get more done in less time
  • Improve communication techniques
  • Sell your ideas more persuasively and effectively

Become a Superior Human Being

  • Win the love and admiration of others
  • Command esteem and respect from friends and family
  • Help loved ones
  • Develop your intution and learn to use it effectively
  • Gain recognition
  • Overcome adversity
  • Achieve success in life

Scientist have recognized that there's a special functioning level of the brain where the mind operates in an extremely high intuitive, creative and expanded capacity. They call this the Alpha level. They also found that we all dip into the Alpha level throughout the day, but rarely realize it. So we end up functioning as lesser people too much of the time. The goal of this meditation program is to hlep you learn to consciously function in an Alpha state at will, wherever and whenever you decide.

So you can expand your talents, improve your skills, develop your pyschic abilities, affect positive change in your personality and correct disturbing habits. As the program progresses, you see the levels of improvement in your abilities to concentrate and sustain a clear, coherent focus.

The idea of the program is to increase your ability to hold your focus and develop their true potential. In short, to allow you function as a superior human being.



We help you to learn basic techniques you can use to make virtually any life situation easier to deal with. We help you to learn to apply these techniques to insomnia, smoking, headaches, poor memory and weight gain. With these techniques you can learn to rule your body by controlling your mind, be more vital and happier.

The greatest discovery you'll ever make

is the potential of your own mind.





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