Principles of Microeconomics


The Principles of Microeconomics examination covers the principles of economics that apply to the analysis of the behavior of individual consumers and businesses in the economy. Questions on this test require candidates to apply analytical techniques to hypothetical as well as real-world situations and to analyze and evaluate economic decisions. This examination guide contains a complete exam description, including knowledge and skills required, 70 sample questions and answers, test-taking strategies, scoring information, and study resources. In addition, you will receive three files at no extra charge that contain chapters from the Official Study Guide to the CLEP exams: Preparing to Take CLEP Examinations, Taking the Examinations, and Interpreting Your Scores. Please note that the examination guides contain the same content that appears in the CLEP Official Study Guide. In other words, if you have already purchased the book, there is no additional information to be gained by also purchasing the exam guide in a particular subject.​​




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